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Human Design Circuitry: Logic/Understanding Circuitry

Updated: Mar 9

Now we are digging into the first of two sub circuits of Collective Circuitry, the Human Design Logic/Understanding Circuitry. If you would like to start at the beginning of this series, I recommend to you start with this blog post. Also, you can quickly look up your Human Design and those of your family, friends, and others you are in relation with to get a better understanding of the type of energy you each carry for here (for FREE!): Discover Your Design.

The Logic/Understanding Circuit: Sharing

If you have activation in Logic Circuitry, you are here to understand the patterns of life and use those patterns to project into the future in order to solve problems and lead humanity safely. Logic Circuitry is all about the analysis of processes or formulas, and the challenge of what is not working. This is a very scientific way of thinking as you seek the truth and question all that is around you. From the repetition, correction, and mastery over time our cultural habits, patterns, and laws are established.

You are someone who is inherently social and wants to share what you understand for the benefit of all. Others may see you as serious, cool-headed, opinionated, and non-emotional in how you present information. You are someone who is naturally skeptical as you continue to look for the best answers and challenge what you find. It is normal for you to be specialized and see things objectively as you anticipate future trends. Also, you likely prefer a sense of rhythm to your life, because this is a pattern in and of itself and makes the future more predictable. Without the rhythm you desire, you may experience feelings of insecurity. You may also have a specific sense of taste.

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Since this energy begins with the mental Channel of Doubt, which is a projected Channel, there is a need to be recognized and invited as an outer authority for others. Remember, the mind is not used make decisions for yourself. Your mental gifts are here to be of value for others. It can be challenging to wait to be invited to share your mind, but it is so important because if you don’t wait for the correct timing, you won’t be heard. (This is especially difficult for those of you with Channels defining your Head and Ajna or Ajna and Throat!) Since you are here to express your opinions in detail, this can be extremely enriching to others when they ask for it. When it comes to decision-making for yourself, that comes from your inner Authority found in the body (or the environment), but not the mind.

Human Design Logic Understanding Circuitry

You do need to hear the patterns you see spoken aloud and meet some argumentation around it. The logical mind has to be engaged and debate around the details and some healthy resistance to test your opinions allows logic to grow. By nature, logic has to meet resistance in order to be proven correct. What comes out of the mind are ideas that need proof and you share opinions that are ultimately subject to validation. While mastery over time feels joyful and fulfilling, but the initial correction of logic is quite uncomfortable because it can feel like criticism instead of correction when it is not invited.

Correct timing for the Logic Circuit comes from outside of you and you can’t dictate your own timing. This is an interdependent energy that must rely on others. You want to be of service and may find yourself looking to others in order to tap into their energy, and financial backing, so that you can properly share your talents with the world with the assistance of your collaborators. For example, scientist need financial support to experiment and test their theories, editors are here to correct during the creative writing process, accountants are here to adjust errors in financing. There are layers within the process so that the Collective can benefit from this information being shared, mastered, and corrected over time.

If you have mixed circuitry you will find you experience a difficult process and struggle between understanding, sensing, and knowing. You will always be a mix of all of your defined Channel circuitry together and some people in your life will naturally pull you to be logical, while others will pull you to be abstract or individual.

Logic/Understanding Circuitry Channels:

Channel of Judgement (Gate 58 to Gate 18) - Root to Spleen

Channel of the Wavelength (Gate 48 to Gate 16) - Spleen to Throat

Channel of Logic (Gate 63 to Gate 4) - Head to Ajna

Channel of Acceptance (Gate 17 to Gate 62) - Ajna to Throat

Channel of The Alpha (Gate 7 to Gate 31) - G-Center to Throat

Channel of Rhythm (Gate 5 to Gate 15) - Sacral to G-Center

Channel of Concentration (Gate 52 to Gate 9) - Root to Sacral

Learn more about each of the Gates and Channels in the Human Design Bodygraph with my Human Design Gate and Channel Guide.

Human Design Logic Understanding Circuitry

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