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Human Design Gate 41 Sun Transit

Updated: Mar 9

Happy Human Design New Year! When the Sun moves into Gate 41, it also returns to the beginning of the Rave Mandala (below). Each of the 64 Human Design Gates is said to be linked to the 64 codons in our DNA. Gate 41 is specifically linked to the genetic start codon which initiates all human experiences. Because of this, it represents the start of a new Solar Year and beginning of a fresh set of adventures as the Sun continues to move counterclockwise for another round of transits through the energy of each Gate.

Check out ​this blog post​ for a high level overview of all the Gates the Sun will transit in January. Read more about what I am referring to by the transits ​here​ in my post on the Human Design Gate 9 Sun Transit. Join my email community for informative Human Design emails and updates to my offerings.

Rave Mandala Wheel

If you have Gate 41 activated in your Human Design BodyGraph, you enjoy interacting with others in order to explore new emotions. There is a pressure of desire that builds in you as you tap into your imagination and daydream, leading you to feel restless and wanting to experience something new with someone. Learn to let go of your expectations of these experiences so you can flow through them and avoid becoming pessimistic about the future. With this energy, you are also likely someone who prefers visual stimulation. By watching or reading you are able to fantasize and vicariously experience and feel something new through those mediums.

If your Personality Sun is in Gate 41, your Incarnation Cross will either be the Right Angle Cross of the Unexpected 4, the Juxtaposition Cross of Fantasy, or the Left Angle Cross of the Alpha 2.

Human Design Gate 41

Gate 41: Contraction

Center: Root

Circuit: Collective (Sharing)

Sub Circuit: Abstract/Sensing

The energy of the Human Design Gate 41 Sun Transit, in the Gate of Contraction, is all about new beginnings and possibilities. Energetically, the slate is wiped clean from the previous year. Now is the ideal time to tap into your hopes and dreams. Let your mind swim with the imagination, fantasy, and creativity that comes with this transit. Gate 41 fuels the Stream of Feeling in Collective Abstract/Sensing Circuitry and this energy exudes hunger for a richer, more meaningful, life by fulfilling our desires. This is a uniquely human hunger and pressure that drives us to satisfy our fantasies through interacting and feeling with others. Without Gate 30 activated in the Solar Plexus you may feel the pressure and desire for something new but can’t quite put a finger on which experiences to direct your energy towards.

Human Design Gate 41

The Gate is called Contraction because you are pulling back all of your resources within as you decide what you want to focus your energy on for the upcoming cycle. You may discover the need to decrease some of the spaces where you have been placing your energy in order to prepare for what is next. Think of it like a contraction before the birth of a baby or pruning back of plants so that they can flower in abundance when the timing is correct. While you might sense you are moving backwards, your energy is actually preparing to propel your life forward with even greater momentum. Remember that it takes time to build your dreams and the process of creating, along with the anticipation of what may come to fruition, can be very emotional. While it is natural to yearn and long for something more, it is equally important to be grateful for your life in this current moment. Recognize that what you are experiencing right now it is the result of many past dreams coming true over time.

This can be a great time to explore your daydreams through creating a vision board or journaling all of the things you want to achieve or experience in this next phase of life. Because this is a Collective Gate, and it can also feel good to share your dreams with others and, in turn, listen to the desires they have within them for the next year. You may notice this week that some people will be pivoting from their original New Year’s Resolutions as they finally get clear on what they truly want. Some may attempt to influence you to join whatever it is they are excited about doing or creating or you may be pulling them into the experiences you want to have. In the lower expression of this energy, there can be a sense of dissatisfaction and restlessness with having so many things you want to experience to in order to feel feel fulfilled. You may find yourself remining stuck in the fantasy stage, being too fearful or nervous about taking the necessary steps towards your desires.

Gate 41 holds the potential for all human experiences but only one can be realized at a time. However, this energy is less about actually fulfilling the fantasy and more about the journey and lessons learned along the way. By being patient and letting go of expectations, you can move freely through your next experience and avoid becoming pessimistic about future ones. While it is fun to dream about the future, none of it will happen if you don’t take aligned action. Once you are able to narrow down the experience you desire most to take you into this next year, be sure to follow your Strategy and honor your Authority when it comes to taking the first step. Be aware that if you chase a fantasy or attempt to force something to happen from your Not-Self mind, you will be moving into this next solar cycle inviting resistance rather than flow. Trust the opportunities you are seeking will occur in the timing that is correct for you!

The Lines of Gate 41 from The Definitive Book of Human Design:

lines of Human Design Gate 41

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