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Human Design Gate 49 Sun Transit

Updated: Mar 9

If you have Gate 49 activated in your Human Design BodyGraph, you have high standards to what you find acceptable and unacceptable and can be very black and white in your thinking. The people you accept to your group are those who share your common values and are willing to stand by you. Once they are accepted, there is a loyalty-based bond that is constantly being reevaluated. You may change your mind and reject those that are no longer in alignment or are not giving and receiving fairly. You are in tune with the needs of those in your community and will work to protect and support them. You tend to dislike unpredictability and fear rejection.

If your Personality Sun is in Gate 49, your Incarnation Cross will either be the Right Angle Cross of Explanation 1, the Juxtaposition Cross of Principles, or the Left Angle Cross of Revolution 1.

Check out ​this blog post for a high level overview of all the Gates the Sun will transit in February. Read more about what I am referring to by the transits ​here​ in my post on the Human Design Gate 9 Sun Transit. Join my email community for informative Human Design emails and updates to my offerings.

Human Design Gate 49

Gate 49: Principles

Center: Solar Plexus

Circuit: ​Tribal (Support)​

Sub Circuit: ​Ego

The energy of the Human Design Gate 49 Sun Transit, in the Gate of Principles, is all about evaluating your standards and relationships. You may find that during this time you are more rigid in your thinking, especially if you recognize the needs of your tribe aren’t being met. This energy can be very sensitive, and it is attached to an emotional wave of the Solar Plexus. With the background energy supporting everyone to define and hold to their principles there is also the energy for potential revolution.

Human Design Gate 49

This week you may sense that there is an uprising on the horizon or notice that a current revolution is gaining momentum. This revolt against the status quo may be occurring on the world stage or in your own home. As you look around at what is needed, you may feel that things you previously thought were not a big deal are now a glaring issue. This is an emotional awareness of when it is time for a change and new needs may also present themselves since the principles of the tribe are always shifting. What was okay at one point may no longer be so and you may feel your principles are being crossed. These standards often times have to do with intimacy and relationships within your community. Gate 49 is commonly referred to as the Divorce Gate because of what can happen when someone someone carrying this energy feels that the other is not holding up their end of bargain in the relationship.

In the higher expression, you can be more sensitive towards the needs of people in your circle this week, especially those who resonate with your principles. You will be more likely to recognize who will stand by you and support you if a revolution is necessary. In the lower expression, this energy can be very unbending in its expectations. You can feel very strongly about what is right or wrong and hold tight to your principles as what must be upheld above all else. This can lead to being on a power trip and insensitive, demanding you are obeyed or threatening to remove access to your resources if others can’t live up to your standards.

Now can be a supportive time for revisiting the foundational principles of your relationships. Check in to see if the expectations have changed for either party. Get clear on what you need from those around you and be open to learning what others need from you in return. What are the unacceptable behaviors and deal breakers? Have those been communicated clearly? It is also entirely possible that this energy will highlight for you where it is time to move on from relationships where your loyalty is no longer recognized or appreciated. This transit may boost your courage when it comes to making a  radical change that you have been sensing is necessary for a while.

You will likely be more aware this week of what is impacting your tribe… your family, friends, business, community, or other organization. With the Earth in Gate 4, you may also feel the pressure to find answers to doubts that are arising within you. Gate 49 can be a reactive energy, so be careful of cutting people out of your life because you experienced an emotional reaction to something that was said or done. If you feel wronged in some way, check in with your own inner Authority before making hasty decisions. This energy can make you enthusiastic about campaigning or supporting a platform for change, so also be sure you are following your Strategy and Authority before jumping on any bandwagons.

The Lines of Gate 49 from The Definitive Book of Human Design:

lines of Human Design Gate 49

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